From Victim to Voice

Jen is a survivor of domestic violence who is determined to leave a positive legacy for her children. In this episode of Growing Strong, Jen explains her story from making the initial steps to protect her family to her newfound vocation at the Hackham Community Centre, run by Junction, where she works to empower others and help them to not just survive, but thrive in life. Read More

The Friendly Syndrome

When Ami flew to Melbourne with her newborn son, Levi, for emergency surgery, she thought she’d be coming home with a child with a mended heart. However, there she received a diagnosis that changed her family forever. In this episode, we speak to Ami and her daughter Ayla about how the Sibling’s in Focus program, run by Junction, has helped them find a community after Levi’s diagnosis with what many call ‘the friendly syndrome’. Read More

Rising From the Ashes

It was one of the most devastating bushfires in our nation’s history. With her home destroyed and family missing, Bec Davis summoned the strength to support others through Kangaroo Island’s darkest days. In this episode, we speak with Junction support worker Bec, and Community Centre Co-ordinator Maree Baldwin about how they are helping their community rise from the ashes. Read More